1. Matters relating to training in the Army, training of Service Personnel outside India, Army Cadet College, Officers’ Training College Rashtriya Indian Military College, Indian Military Academy, National Defence Academy, Military Schools and other training establishments of the Indian Army.
  2. The Chief Administrative Officer’s Organisation looks after all the matters relating to civilian personnel working in Service HQrs/SO HQ in Delhi, residential and official accommodation and other housekeeping jobs.
  3. Matters of Security Office of Ministry of Defence which looks after the physical security of all the buildings and property within the Defence HQrs Zone.
  4. NCC and Services Sports Control Board.
  5. Historical Division, School of Foreign Languages, NDC, Delhi and Sainik Schools.
  6. Training part in College of Military Engineering, Pune; Administration of College of Military Engineering, Pune.
  7. Army Purchase Organisation – Procurement procedure and also procurement of dry rations for Services (scale and quantity is determined by JS (O/N).
  8. Matters pertaining to agreement with State Govt Electricity Board etc for supply of water and electricity etc – fixation of rates etc – grants of loans.
  9. All matters relating to Official Language Implementation of Official Language Policy.
  10. All ceremonial matters including Independence Day functions, Republic Day Parade, Beating Retreat Ceremony, Martyrs Day Function at Rajghat & Defence Investure Ceremonies, Honours & Awards to Defence personnel, maintenance of Amar Jawan Jyoity, Military/State Funeral and Guard of Honour etc.