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Important Guidelines
S.No. Title Download
1 Delegation of Financial Powers to CINCAN-Amendments to ISP-2016 (DFPDS-2016) dated 10.08.2018 Download (595.52 KB) pdf
2 Imposing of Liquidated Damages(LD) - Reg Download (257.99 KB) pdf
3 Amendment to Delegation of Financial Powers to Defence services 2016 (DFPDS-2016)- Reg Download (336.1 KB) pdf
4 Terms and Conditions for Hiring of Seasonal Porters by the Army Download (2.73 MB) pdf
5 Guidelines for submission of proposal to Army Headquarter,Ministry of Defence seeking assistance for Army in connection with making of film,TV serial,documentary etc Download (184.45 KB) pdf
6 Amendment in DFPDS 2016 Vice Chiefs or CISC or DGAFMS as Next Higher CFA Download (269.48 KB) pdf
7 AoN of Procurement proposals coming to MoD- vetting by PIFA IFA-Reg Download (235.12 KB) pdf
8 Amendment to Delegation of Financial Powers to Defence Service -2016 (DFPDS-2016) Download (221.08 KB) pdf
9 Amendment to DFPDS 2016 Download (200.91 KB) pdf
10 Delegation of Powers for Post Contract Management for Revenue Expenditure Download (1.26 MB) pdf