Important Guidelines
S.No. Title Download
11 Delegation of Financial Powers to CINCAN-Amendments to ISP-2016 (DFPDS-2016) dated 10.08.2018 Download (595.52 KB) pdf
12 Imposing of Liquidated Damages(LD) - Reg Download (257.99 KB) pdf
13 Amendment to Delegation of Financial Powers to Defence services 2016 (DFPDS-2016)- Reg Download (336.1 KB) pdf
14 Terms and Conditions for Hiring of Seasonal Porters by the Army Download (2.73 MB) pdf
15 Guidelines for submission of proposal to Army Headquarter,Ministry of Defence seeking assistance for Army in connection with making of film,TV serial,documentary etc Download (184.45 KB) pdf
16 Amendment in DFPDS 2016 Vice Chiefs or CISC or DGAFMS as Next Higher CFA Download (269.48 KB) pdf
17 AoN of Procurement proposals coming to MoD- vetting by PIFA IFA-Reg Download (235.12 KB) pdf
18 Amendment to Delegation of Financial Powers to Defence Service -2016 (DFPDS-2016) Download (221.08 KB) pdf
19 Amendment to DFPDS 2016 Download (200.91 KB) pdf
20 Delegation of Powers for Post Contract Management for Revenue Expenditure Download (1.26 MB) pdf