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S. No. Title Download
1 Revised policy on Shared Communication Tower and other Telecom Infrastructure to extend communication network in Military Stations Cantonments PDF iconDownload  1.31 MB
2 Transfer of Defence Land for Public utilities and Public infrastructure project dated 02-02-2016 PDF iconDownload  604.47 KB
3 The Cantonment Land Administrative Rules, 1937 PDF iconDownload  9.12 MB
4 Cantonment Board Employees Service Rules, 2021 PDF iconDownload  2.56 MB
5 Cantonments (Payment of Allowances to Vice -President and Elected Members) Rules, 2011 PDF iconDownload  4.12 MB
6 CantonmentsPayment of Allowances to Vice - President and Elected Members (Amendment) Rules, 2020 PDF iconDownload  890.53 KB
7 Cantonment Board Account Rules, 2020 PDF iconDownload  3.3 MB
8 Election of Vice-President of the Cantonment Board (Procedure) Rules, 2011 PDF iconDownload  1.4 MB
9 Transfer of Property in Cantonments (Form of notice and manner of giving such notice) Rules, 2016 PDF iconDownload  1.16 MB
10 Cantonments (Forms and Manner of Service of Notices) Rules, 2017 PDF iconDownload  1.59 MB