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Q 3. What is the Indian Navy expecting from the Indian Industry for future naval platforms?

Ans.The Indian Navy is looking for considerable support from the Indian industry to successfully realize its new ship-building projects. The industry is urged to invest in development of naval equipment meeting the stringent standards, particularly for noise and vibration standards, as these are crucial performance requirements of modern war ships. Modularity of systems, with a standard as well as well-defined minimum interfaces with the ship will be the thrust in the future. This will help the process of ship design and construction to proceed on the basis of the agreed interfaces, while the OEM’s are concurrently developing equipment within the confines of the module. Such an approach will also, to a large extent, accommodate evolutionary designs of state-of-the-art equipment to meet the rising aspirations of the naval staff. Further, given the complexity, magnitude and resource intensive nature of development of new naval systems, a navy-industry relationship founded more on partnership rather than mere customer-supplier relationship would be required. This will give confidence to both parties for sharing the risks of development as well as the benefits of new technology with reduced costs.