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Q 11. How is India securing its trade route from pirates? What kind of protection is provided to the ships moving off Indian coast?
Q 12. Despite coordinated efforts to protect ships, pirates still strike and hijack it. Some experts argue that getting all the countries under one unified command would greatly improve the efficiency of international counter piracy activities. What is t
Q 13. What is the MILAN Initiative?
Q 14. What are the rules concerning Permanent Commission to SSC Officers?
Q 15. What are the rules regarding employment of Women officers in the Indian Navy?
Q 16. What are the shortages being faced by the Indian Navy today in terms of manpower?
Q 17. Is the Indian Navy satisfied with the quality of its manpower?
Q 18.What are the avenues available to me to join army at Graduate level?
Q 19. What are the avenues available to me to join army as a technical graduate?
Q 20. I have done NCC training and obtained 'C' certificate. What are the avenues available for me?