Q Division

Summary of items of work

  1. Provisioning and revenue procurement of different army stores under Revenue Head and their repair maintenance etc including Annual Maintenance Contracts – perishable food items; man carrying and armoured vehicles; Petrol Oil & Lubricants- Central Monitoring of these procured items.
  2. Policy matters and provisioning in respect of Army Supply and Transport; Movement of troops and stores.
  3. Provisioning of dry ration
  4. Administrative matters of personnel [other than those specified for JS(G) and JS(E)] relating to Signals, Artillery, Army Supply Corps, Defence Security Corps(DSC is not a part of regular Army), Canteen Stores Department, Remount Veterinary Corps, Military Farms, Army Postal Service, Air Defence Artillery Corps and Pioneer Corps.
  5. Cadre control of Army Postal Service/Commissioning of Officers in Service on loan from Indian Postal Service/DGP&T.
  6. Individual cases of air travel in respect of non-entitled offices/personnel belonging to Army, Naval and Airforce.
  7. Customs duty matters on stores imported/exported through Embarkation HQ, an agency of AHQ.
  8. Travel regulations/Military Tariffs (including Travelling Allowance, Daily/Halting Allowance).
  9. Renting of telecommunication circuits for telephones from P&T.
  10. Policy regarding short and long term P&T line requirements of the Army.