Ordnance Division

  1. Provisioning and revenue procurement of different Army stores and equipment under Revenue Head and their repair maintenance etc including Annual Maintenance Contracts, ordnance stores; weapons and equipment; arms and ammunition; vehicles; general store; clothing. Radar spares and allied equipment; Central monitoring of these procured items.
  2. Administrative matters of personnel [other than those specified for JS(G) and JS(E)] relating to Ordnance Services, EME, Army Aviation Corps. Armoured Corps Mechanised Infantry Corps.
  3. Policy and individual cases with regard to issue of surplus vehicles to Ex-Servicemen/their widows and their Cooperative Societies. [Individual cases are handled by DGR/D(RES) in JS(ESW) Wing].
  4. Issue of vehicles/stores to charitable/welfare/educational institutions and other establishments of public welfare, including Public/Private Sector Undertakings – policy and individual cases.
  5. Disposal of surplus defence stores- policy and individual cases.
  6. Issues of surplus vehicles to MPs/VIPs- policy and individual cases.
  7. Kit and clothing allowances of other ranks, and also washing allowance.
  8. Provision of controlled and uncontrolled stores, including arms and ammunition for(i) State Police Forces and (ii) Para Military Forces and issue of ordnance stores, including arms and ammunition on payment to:
    • Department of Government of India
    • State Governments
    • Para Military Forces.
  9. Matters relating to fire-fighting in Army Ordnance Remedial measures.