OM's & Orders

S.No. Circular / Notofiation No, Date Download
1 Appointment of Independent Monitors (IMs) in Ministry of Defence Dated 06.08.2019 23 Aug 2019 Download (797.96 KB) pdf
2 Assumption of charge by Shri A.Bharat Bhushan Babu(IIS) as ADG (Media and Communication) in Directorate of Public Relations (Ministry of Defence) 9 Aug 2019 Download (394.72 KB) pdf
3 Appointment of the Shri Subhash Chandra as Special Secretary in Ministry of Defence 31 Jul 2019 Download (731.43 KB) pdf
4 Additional Charge of Joint Secretary (Works) entrusted to Joint Secretary and Acquistion Manager(Air) 11 Jul 2019 Download (454.36 KB) pdf
5 Committee for Re-dressal of Complaints relating to Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place in the Ministry of Defence 1 Jul 2019 Download (559.13 KB) pdf
6 Redistribution of work at the level of Joint Secretaries 22 Mar 2019 Download (315.91 KB) pdf
7 Procedure for booking of air-ticket on LTC-compliance of instructions regarding 28 Dec 2018 Download (1.05 MB) pdf
8 Clarification on modalities of transfer of the NPS contribution to casual labourer with temporary status to their GPF accounts-reg 27 Nov 2018 Download (1.27 MB) pdf
9 Central Civil Services (Leave Travel Concession) Rules, 1988- Relaxation to travel by air to visit North East Region, Jammu & Kashmir and Andaman & Nicobar-extension beyond 25.09.2018 1 Oct 2018 Download (982.4 KB) pdf
10 Revision of Entitlement of TA and DA to JCM Members after implementation of Seventh CPC recommendations 6 Sep 2018 Download (1020.08 KB) pdf
11 Interaction with Independent External Monitor (IEMs) 6 Jun 2018 Download (205.01 KB) pdf
12 Admissibility of air fare for children below the age of 5 years of the Government servants non-entitled to travel by air on LTC- clarification reg 29 May 2018 Download (830.75 KB) pdf
13 Distribution of work amongst Addl. FAs and JSs dated- 06 April 2018 11 Apr 2018 Download (506.54 KB) pdf
14 Instructions regarding prior permission by officers/officials of MoD for private visits abroad on leave
19 Jan 2018 to 23 Jan 2020
Download (657.19 KB) pdf
15 Enhancement of age of superannuation of the doctors other than Central Health Services doctors by the Union Cabinet
16 Oct 2017 to 17 Oct 2019
Download (664.85 KB) pdf