Acquisition Wing (Maritime & Systems)

The acquisition of defence equipments is processed under Capital and Revenue procurement procedure. The Defence Procurement Procedure, as amended from time to time, lays down the guidelines and detailed procedures for Capital Procurement. Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) 2011 covers all capital acquisitions (except Medical Equipment) undertaken by the Ministry of Defence, Defence Services and Indian Coast guard both from Indigenous sources and abroad.

Acquisition Wing (Maritime & Systems) functions under Director General (Acquisition) and is headed by Joint Secretary & Acquisition Manager (MS) who is responsible for Capital procurement of Navy and Coast Guard and of ‘Systems’ relating to the Tri-Services.

JS&AM(MS) receives commercial quotes, heads Commercial Negotiation Committee (CNC), obtains reasonable cost estimates from the users/ production agency/DRDO, as necessary, processes and obtains approval for recommendations of the CNC from the competent authority and signs contract with vendors, after obtaining the requisite approvals. Apart from the aforesaid Capital Acquisition, routine works of JS&AM(MS) like audit, Parliament Questions, Standing Committees, etc. are also attended to.

Two Directors/Deputy Secretaries and a Planning Officer (Systems) assist JS&AM(MS) in processing aforesaid capital procurement matters in accordance with the operational requirements of Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard and the tri-services.

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