General Staff - VI


  1. All administrative matters pertaining to NCC except service matters in respect of Armed Forces personnel who are posted in NCC as their cadre posting is controlled by MS Branch/Army HQrs, Services Control Board (SSCB), Army Sports Institutes, Army HQrs (ASI) and Army Adventure Wing, Army HQrs. (AAW).
  2. Implementation of 20 Point Programme-Items pertaining to NCC.
  3. Services Sports Control Board (S.S.C.B) ( )
  4. Army sports Institutes, Army HQrs.(A.S.I) ( )
  5. Army Adventure Wing, Army HQrs (A.A.W)

Section Officer Under Secretary Director
Smt Parvati Chandran

Tele : 2301 2938 Intercom : -
Room No. 117, B Wing Sena Bhawan
Shri N.B. Mani

Tele : 2301 2938 Intercom : 4334 Room No. 116, B Wing, Sena Bhawan

Shri Rabindra Prasad

Tele : 2301 0600 Intercom : 4278 Room No. 23, South Block

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