General Staff - II


  1. Matters relating to training in the Army, training of Service Personnel/Civilian Officers outside India, Army Cadet College, Officers’ Training Academy, Rashtriya Indian Military Academy, National Defence Academy (NDA) ( ), Indian Military Academy (IMA), Military Schools, National Defence College (NDC) (, Defence Services Staff College (DSSC) ( and other training establishments of the Indian Army.
  2. Transfer of Defence land to KVS for opening schools in Defence sector.
  3. All matters relating to Field Firing Ranges, Visit of foreign/Indian VIPs, teams to training institutions, Training of Para Military Forces personnel in military training establishments, Attachment of IAS/IPS and IFS Officers with Defence Forces, Defence Cooperation, Modernization of CAT `A’ Establishments, National Rifle Association.
  4. Finalization of the courses to be availed by Defence Officers under United, Military Training Assistance Scheme (UKMTAS) and United States Military Education Training Programme (USMETP).
  5. Policy of training pattern in the Army.
  6. Conducting of Courses and all administrative work relating to College of Defence Management (CDM), Secunderabad ( ).
  7. Establishment matters of Army Education Corps (AEC) and Army Physical Training Corps (APTC).
  8. All administrative matters pertaining to School of Foreign Language (SFL). Conducting various language courses for the services and civilian officers.
  9. All matters relating to History Division.

Section Officer Under Secretary Director
(a) Shri Anil Kumar Dhand (b) Smt Kiran Mala

Tele : 2301 2225

Intercom : 4445

Room No. 203, South Block

Shri N.B. Mani

Tele : 2301 2938 Intercom : 4334

Room No. 116, B Wing Sena Bhawan.

Shri Rabindra Prasad

Tele : 2301 0600 Intercom : 4278

Room No. 23 South Block

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  1. All matters relating to preservation and maintenance of war diaries/operational records and other military documents received from various formations and units of the Indian Armed Forces.
  2. Write histories of the wars fought by the Indian Armed Forces. These include the Peace-Keeping Operations conducted by the Indian Armed Forces in various countries from time to time.
  3. To guide and assist the Army Regiments and Air Force Squadrons in compiling their histories.
  4. To assist the Services Headquarters in the battle honours work; to advise the three Services and the Ministry of Defence in all matters relating to military heraldry.

Dy Director Director

Shri Om Shankar

Tele : 2610 4061 Room No. WB-8, Wing-1, RK Puram

Smt Reva, Dhanedhar Tele : 2610 2067 2610 4061 Room No. WB-8, Wing-1, RK Puram


  1. The School of Foreign Languages is engaged in imparting training in 18 foreign languages to personnel of the three Services.
  2. It also caters to the needs of other Ministries and Departments of the Government of India. Besides, civilian students are also admitted for Certificate of Proficiency, Advanced Diploma and Interpretership Courses. 18 languages taught on regular basis at the SFL viz Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Burmese, Chinese, French, German, Persian, Pushto, Russian, Spanish, Sinhala, Tibetan, Japanese, Thai, Malay, Hebrew, Vietnamese and Pak Urdu.
  3. The School of Foreign Languages is the controlling organization for other Defence Institutions where foreign languages are taught namely National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla and Army Education Corps Training Centre and College, Pachmari.
  4. It conducts examinations and issues diplomas to the successful candidates.
  5. For the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) probationers, it is obligatory to qualify the Advanced Diploma (IFS) examinations conducted by the Institute.
  6. The School of Foreign Languages also conducts examination in regimental language, Nepali, at various Service units all over the country.

Dy Director Director

Shri K. Giridharan

Tele : 2461 9222 25, Lodhi Estate

Shri L.R. Tandekar,

Tele : 2461 9222 25, Lodhi Estate

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