CPIOs and Appellate Authority

S.No. Name of the Central Public Information Officer with Designation &Tel. No. Name of Appellate Authority with Designation Subject Matter

Shri H.M. Kundlia,

US (Vig-II),

Tel. No.23793841

Shri Surya Prakash,

Dir (Vig)

Tel. No.23012304

All vigilance and disciplinary matters & vigilance clearance of officials belonging to MoD Sectt, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, NDA, Military Farm, CSD, CAO, CGDA and DRDO, vigilance status & banning of companies and all parliamentary matters of these subjects. Tehlka Tapes cases, OP Vijay cases, Denel cases and coordination of CBI cases relating to Defence deals. .


Shri Raj Kumar,


Tel. No. 23793841

Shri Surya Prakash,

Dir (Vig) ,

Tel. No. 23012304

All vigilance and disciplinary matters & vigilance clearance of officials belonging to MES, DGMAP, DGDE, Border Roads and all parliamentary matters on these subjects. Coordination relating to Vigilance Awareness Week, furnishing of all the monthly/quarterly reports including quarterly report to PMO. Coordination for the meetings called by CVC, CBI & DOPT including downloading of complaints from CVC’s website.


Shri Rajesh Choudhary,

US (Ceremonial) ,

Tel. No. 23016547

Shri Brahmanand Srivastava,

Dir (BR) & (Ceremonial)

Tel. No. 23012726

Ceremonial matters, Military funerals, battle honours – award of, Warrant of Precedence, maintenance of Amar Jawan Jyoti, Defence Gallantry and Distinguished awards.


Shri Samit Datta Gupta,


Tel. No. 23012938

Smt. Poornima Rajendran,

DS( Trg.)

Tel. No. 23010600

Administrative matters of NCC, Matters related to SSCB, Army Sports institutes, Army adventure wing, National Rifle Association, Coordinating matters of Training Division etc.


Shri Samit Datta Gupta,


Tel. No. 23012938

Smt. Poornima Rajendran,

DS( Trg.),

Tel. No. 23010600

Field Firing Ranges-notified and acquired. Training of Para military forces in military training establishments, matters related to SFL, History Division, Matters related to National Defence Academy, Indian Military Academy, Officers Training Academy, DSSC, Defence Cooperation, Army Cadet College, National Defence College, RIMC, Lawrence Schools, College of Defence Management.


Shri Sube Singh


Tel. No. 23015769

Smt. Poornima Rajendran,

DS ( Trg.)

Tel. No. 23010600

Works related to Board of Governors of Sainik School Society, administrative matters of Sainik Schools, grant-in-aid for infrastructure facilities.


Shri S.L. Bairwa,

US (Acq), ,

Tel. No. 23019067

Shri Virender Kumar Adhana,

Dir (Acq),

Tel. No.23792865

Defence Procurement Policies.


Shri Vishnu Dutta Jha,


Tel. No. 23016237

Shri Amarnath Sinha

DS (Works-II),

Tel. No. 23014943

Works-II side: Posting and transfer of civilian officers of MES above the grade of SE & equivalent. Policy/Establishment matters relating to service personnel of the Corps of Engineers/Civilians of MES (including IDSE). Cadre Control of Group A cadres of UDSE, Architects and Surveyors. Other matters of MES like administration of contracts, audit paras etc. Matters pertaining to College of Military Engineering(CME), Pune.

Work-I side: Policy regarding Defence Works Procedure applicable to three Services. Policy on fixation of scales of Accommodation and furniture for Service personnel/Defence Civilians applicable to three services. Army work project, MAP, MESNET, Review of progress of implementation of new Army Capital Works etc.


Shri G.V. Subbaiah

US (GS-V/China),

T. No. 23012205

Shri C. Sudharsan Reddy,

Dir (G) ,

Tel. No. 23011896

Border matters /disputes/incidents and other defence matters pertaining to China and Bhutan. Matters related to CSG Roads, 12th Plan Accretions for Northern Border, Defence Cooperation matters related to Seychelles, Deputation abroad of Army officer/personnel on UN Peacekeeping Missions, Army/Military Bands to foreign bands, Blue Book Matters and Union War Book matters.


Shri Ajaykumar,

US (GS-V/Coord)

Tel. No. 23015601

Shri C. Sudharsan Reddy
Dir (G)
Tel. No. 23011896

Border matters / disputes / incidents including supply of arms and ammunition and other military aid pertaining to Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Maldives. Matters related to Out of Area Contingency Matters, Army Commanders Conference, Annual Report(chapter 3), GS Road maintenance Grant/Snow Clearance Grant. .