CPIOs and Appellate Authority

S.No. Name of the Central Public Information Officer with Designation &Tel. No. Name of Appellate Authority with Designation Subject Matter

Shri Parveen Kumar Dudeja,

US, D (Est.I /Gp.I)

Tel. No. 23012846

Shri S.S.S. Sharma, DS(E)

Tel. No. 23014369

All establishment and administrative matters of gazetted officers of Ministry of Defence (Secretariat) including Defence Finance Division. Posting and transfer of CSSS cadre staff in MoD Secretariat.Maintenance of Authorised Permanent strength in MoD (Sectt) excluding MTS employees. Issue of temporary/permanent SLICs in respect of Gazetted/Non-gazetted employees excluding MTS etc.


Shri Dipankar Dutta,

US, D(Est.I/Gp.II)

Tel. No. 23012538


All establishment and administrative matters of non-gazetted employees (other than MTS) of Ministry of Defence (Secretariat).Cadre control of non-gazetted employees, including ex-cadre employees (other than MTS) of Ministry of Defence (Sectt) including Defence Finance Division. Election duty, coordination in r/o parliamentary affairs etc.


Shri Ravi Kumar Choudhary ,

US, D(Est.2/Genl.I)

Tel. No. 23014289

Shri Brij Kumar , DS (Gen/IT)

Tel. No. 23019713

Procurement/issue of stationery, general stores, furniture, computer, telephone, fax machine etc. Staff car,motor cycles and office cycle, reservation of conference rooms, renovation of MoD (Sectt) offices, supply of books, firefighting arrangements, cleanliness arrangements etc.


Shri Amiya Halder,

US, D(Est.2/Gen.II)

Tel. No. 23792205

Shri Brij Kumar ,DS [Gen/IT),

Tel. No. 23019713

All matters pertaining to the establishment and administrative control of MTS including pay fixation matters and issue of SLICS. Payment of contingencies of RM/RRM/RURM. Pension matters of all employees of MoD(Sectt.). Sanction of HBA, GPF and other advances. Matters pertaining to CS(MA) Rules, 1984 and CGHS rules in r/o all employees. Residential accommodation of all employees(Gazetted/Non-gazetted). Reimbursement of newspaper, telephone, brief case etc. Forwarding CSD cards in r/o pensioners from MoD Sectt.


Shri Biswajit Guha,

US, D(Lab)

Tel. No. 23012660

Incharge – Shri S.S.S. Sharma, Dir(E),
Tel. No. 23011681

Individual cases on disciplinary matters in respect of Defence Civilians working in the lower formations of Department of Defence only where President of India is the appointing authority, compassionate appointments of civilians in lower formations of Deptt. of Defence, voluntary retirement/resignation, for Groups ‘A’ & ‘B’ employees in lower formations. Grievances reg comp. appointment of lower formation of DoD, MP, VIP references,


Shri Dalpat Singh,

US, D(Apptts)

Tel. No. 23011449


Framing/amending of the Recruitment Rules (in case of Groups ’A’. ‘B’& ‘C’ posts). Direct recruitment to Groups ‘A’,& ‘B’ posts through UPSC. Promotion, to Groups ‘A’ & ‘B’ posts. Confirmation in Group ‘A’ posts and seniority. Change in the date of birth and reconstruction of service documents in respect of Groups ‘A’, ‘B’, & ‘C’ posts.


Shri Amitava Saha,


Tel. No. 23011260


All JCM matters for Defence Civilians working in the lower formations of the Ministry of Defence excluding employees of CSS/CSCS/CSSS/AFHQ cadres. Reconstitution of JCM II Level Councils and their periodical meetings. Reports and returns regarding number of SC/ST/OBC/Physically Handicapped in Central Govt. Service and other matters thereon. Strike matters.


Shri T.D. Prashant Rao,

US (AG-I),

Tel. No. 23018602

Ms. Manisha Bhatnagar,

DS [AG-1],

Tel. No. 23014036

Statutory complaints- Policy of all ranks and individual cases of Army Officers on disciplinary matters. Court martial and disciplinary cases for all Army Officers/personnel, Human Rights violation cases referred by NHRC pertaining to discipline. Maintenance allowance-individual cases, detention in Military custody –individual cases, Plural marriages-individual cases, compassionate appointments etc.


Shri Balbir Singh,


Tel. No. 23011146

Shri S.K. Mohanty,


Tel. No. 23011593

Recruitment, Terms & Condition of Service and Manpower Planning in Army, Recruitment policy for Army Officers/personnel, Policy on grant of Honorary Rank/Commission to JCOs and NCOs, Policy on documentation and Records of Army officers, Policy on grant of Permanent Commission, Short Service Commission, SL Commission and Inter Arms transfer, Policy on extension of tenure-SSC Officers, Policy on leave encashment of Army personnel, Opening of recruiting Offices/ Branch Recruiting Offices (BROs)/Centers all over India, Policy matters relating to the fraud/irregularity in enrolment in Army.


Shri Shrinath Chauhan,


Tel. No. 23017398

Shri S.K. Mohanty,

DS (AG II) ,

Tel. No. 23011593

Appointment of Chairperson and its Members, framing of Rules of Procedure and other such Rules of Tribunal, framing of service conditions of the Chairperson & Members and other rules, determine the nature and the categories of the officers and other employees required to assist the Tribunal in the discharge of its functions and to provide accommodation and other logistics, infrastructure for the Principal Bench etc., all establishment and administrative matters relating to AFT and its Regional Benches.