Cyber Security Advisories

S.NO Title Download
101 Cyber Security Advisory 04-2020 - Cyber Security During COVID-19 Outbreak PDF icon Advisory-04-2020.pdf
102 Cyber Security Advisory 03-2020 - Fake UPI IDs Circulated For Prime Ministers Relief Fund PDF icon Advisory-03-2020.pdf
103 Advisory for Google Chrome Security Updates PDF icon AdvisoryGoogleChrome.pdf
104 Cyber Security Advisory 01-2020 - Best Practices for Protection of PII Related To Service Personnel PDF icon Advisory 01-2020.pdf
105 Cyber Security Advisory 15-2019 - Security Precautions During Usage FO Voice Assistant PDF icon Advisory 15-2019.pdf
106 Cyber Security Advisory 14-2019 - Security And Privacy Issues-Instant Messaging And Social Media Apps PDF icon Advisory 14-2019.pdf
107 Cyber Security Advisory 13-2019 - Multiple Vulnerabilities Reported in Google Chrome PDF icon Advisory 13-2019.pdf
108 Cyber Security Advisory 12-2019 - Large Scale Compromise of SME and SOHO Router Via Exploiting Known Vulnerabilities PDF icon Advisory 12-2019.pdf
109 Cyber Security Advisory 11-2019 - Fake Alert Messages On Password Reset Emails PDF icon Advisory 11-2019.pdf
110 Cyber Security Advisory 10-2019 - Multiple Vulnerabilities In Microsoft Internet Explorer PDF icon Advisory 10-2019.pdf